3 In-game currencies of City Mania


The Gameloft has developed a game known as City Mania for iOS and android platform. It is one of the most exciting games where the player will meet with several playing aspect, and he/she will take all the decision. Through the game, the players have the option to invite friends for making the game more interesting. If the users want, then they can upgrade some playing aspect for effective gameplay.

As the player knows that it is consist of several characters, then the player has the choice to select some of them. It is because he/she wants to make a perfect family. Most of the times, you need to collect all the resources for preparing the characters to unlock.


In the entire game, there are three main currencies which play an essential role. As we all know that through the currencies we can make all playing aspect easier. That’s why the players need to collect currencies at a higher level. These are:


The bizzies are the essential currency in the City Mania. Through this, one can make a building and boost the star level. We can say that it is a kind of resources which is very helpful in several sections.


The fusion is used for combining the building for effectiveness. With the help of using this one, you can win the game.


The cash is the premium currency, which is used for unlocking some features and making the game interesting. It is straightforward to earn but try to spend it wisely.

So, these are some currencies of the game that you need to collect. These currencies are easy to collect but try to spend wisely.