Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Guide and Tips

Mobile gaming is now trending all over the world. In the current era of time, mobile gaming is growing and earning more than other gaming platforms. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an amazing role-playing mobile game. The game is developed by Glu games in the year of 2014. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a very simple game and has very attractive graphics. The game holds many tasks and several types of currencies in the game, basically, Kardashian game hacks are the easiest way to progress the game.

Gameplay Guide

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is strategic role play in the game; players can create their character to become a celebrity. To become celebrity players needs to earn several types of game points, complete tasks and earn money. In the game, reputation points help to gain a positive face among the characters in the game. Having a high reputation represents how much other characters trust and admire. In the game, experience points are also an important thing. With the help of experience points, new levels and tasks unlock. Without complete, the tasks players can not gain popularity and earnings.

At the beginning of the game, first of all, players have to create a character that will complete the missions. Players can do various types of additional things like customizing the character with dresses, accessories, hairs and makeup things. In the game, customization also helps in gaining the experience points.

Currencies are of two types in the game which helps in purchase goods and items in the game. With the help of currencies, players are allowed to declare a party, or new cars, private airplanes and many more things are allowed in the game. Having a huge amount of currency or Kardashian game hacks makes the game easier to complete.