New Age of Energy Saving Community

Energy saving community can mean a lot of things. It can be a program or a way of life in certain place or demographic. The community quotient is the USP here. Energy saving plans are most effective when takes as a community initiative. Caring for ecology and sharing of resources is the key to energy savings. There are a couple of tools that any community can deploy to score on saving energy.

Eco-village is an emerging concept. Anything using the tag ‘eco’ is well received by the masses. But little do they know about the energy saving aspect of ‘eco’. Eco-villages are about culture and practice. Only by culture and practice, can a community maintain healthy ecology of its surroundings. Eco-village is a rising trend especially amongst new and young parents.

Another trend that’s popular with agrarian villages is co-housing. It leads to efficient use of space and effective sharing of resources. The Danish concept has been around since the 80’s in U.S. The North American continent alone has little over 150 such communities, who extensively apply co-housing concepts.

Saving energy profitably

You can save energy in your community through multiple ways. Collaborating with government and private agencies helps save on fuel bills. You can share the costs of generating power needed for your community. You can install solar panels, solar water heating systems and wind turbines with incentives coming from government initiatives.

Is it feasible?

In theory energy saving community sounds the coolest. But, is it feasible in today’s world? You need to factor in the rush for time. Productivity is required to serve the market needs. It comes at the cost of compromising your energy saving initiatives. The hard question we need to ask ourselves is whether we can make this concept relevant in today’s world. The long and short answer is of course we can!

Loss of jobs

Scarcity of jobs is a global issue. It causes migration of the masses. Most communities are broken down due to loss of jobs. Developed nations are trying hard to make companies stay. Not many of those governmental efforts are fruitful. The low cost labor mills apply well to their profit huge agendas. Single company based communities are shattered away during such unfortunate evacuations.

Booming clean energy industry

More than $2 trillion has been invested globally on clean energy businesses in the last decade. It is a booming industry. The companies started having their environmentalist views. Moreover, clean energy is a promising venture. It is more of a planning for tomorrow kind of thing. Energy produced through alternative and clean sources are sustainable. You got no problems with the supply, none whatsoever.

Clean energy generates jobs

Billions of dollars are invested in clean energy every year. It should translate to millions of jobs worldwide. The companies are taking a bottom’s up approach. It means they will require more from energy saving communities. You can be the supplier, rather than just being the producer of energy. Most communities are already benefiting from their energy saving initiatives.